When I imagine a vacation, I can hear the ocean waves, feel the warmth of the sun, taste the pina colada I’m sipping while all my stress, worries and to do list slip away. And then I’m slammed back in to reality when I remember my last beach vacation WITH kids. Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful to be in a sunny location. But let’s get real for a moment – a vacation with your kids is basically just “doing life” in a different area of the world. Right? Don’t tell me I’m the only one …

So when planning Disneyland supriseour upcoming vacation I didn’t bother fooling myself in to thinking it would be relaxing … But, maybe, if it was in a very kid-friendly location, the kids would be so entertained that I could take a mental break from finding fun things to do. The most kid friendly place I could think of is, of course, Disneyland! A flurry of secret preparations, a surprise for the mini-flipsizers, and soon we’ll be on our way to “the happiest place on earth!”

Of course the kids will want to wear Disney themed clothing while there and I certainly don’t want to be paying retail prices for these clothes. Nor do I want to be traipsing from store to store looking for Elsa, Mickey, Ariel and Lighting McQueen.

Maybe you’re like me and are looking for anything and everything Disney. Maybe your child will only wear a shirt if it has his/her favourite characters on them. To help us all out I created a pinterest board with many of the Disney themed clothing pieces that are in our store. You may want to hop on there and see what’s left, since when it comes to Disneyland, it appears this mama has no self-control at all.

Minnie tank

Size 2 $3.00

princess coverup

Size 2 $3.50

overall mickey

Size 6-9m $2.50

ariel dress

Size 3 $3.00


What are your kids’ favourite Disney characters? Comment on this post and I may just send you a little surprise.

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3 Responses to The FlipSize family is going to Disneyland

  1. You have to google disney bounding, it would create even more outfits for you! Have a great vacation.

  2. Adeline says:

    I just asked Mikaela what her favourite Disney character is and she surprised me with her answer – “Merida, because she is special. She’s not like the other princesses.” She’s never even mentioned her before, so I didn’t know she even remembered Merida (we watched the movie once).

    Erica says Ariel and Cinderella. Actually, she said, “The mermaid one” and “the one who lost her glass slipper”, lol. And she just changed her mind, it’s now Elsa (she didn’t know that Elsa was a Disney character).

  3. Amanda says:

    We love disney characters here. All 3 of my kids (14,8 & our newest @ 6mos) have taken a liking to Mickey Mouse! My oldest was even him for halloween years back. He also still has his crib blanket (yes still in one piece too) as a keepsake. My daughter (8) prefers Mickey over Minnie!! She loves MMCH on tv. The youngest has inherited the mickey toys and gear from his siblings and seems pretty happy about it. The disney clothes colours are usually vibrant and fade very little, perfect for flipping. 😎

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