FlipSize Canada has many items with tags still on them that would make perfect Christmas gifts! This means you can have brand new clothes at second hand prices. I’ve collected all the items onto a handy pinterest board. Click HERE to see all the brand new items in our store. If you’d prefer, you can also log on to our store and type “NWT” into the search bar.

Maybe you’re like me and planning to do all of your shopping without setting foot in a store – thank-you internet! I’d really prefer to shop with my hair up in a mom-bun, no makeup, and yoga pants. Or maybe you can’t get enough kid-free hours to buy these special gifts, and just feel like watching Netflix when those opportunities come.  We’ve got you covered. Go ahead and hop on your device and shop at www.flipsize.ca while nursing your little one down for the night, or after you put in the laundry and before starting dinner, or anytime you can grab a minute.

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