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I have been busy busy thinking up new ways to make FlipSize all kinds of awesome. In fact, my co-owners (Andrea my sister, and Liz my mom) have nicknamed me “the idea machine” – though they do tell me I don’t need to pursue every idea that pops in to my brain.


In the interest of keeping all the information in one handy place – this blog post will serve as the location for all the new and exciting ideas I’ve come up with that you can benefit from. That way you (and lets be honest, I) will be able to access the information anytime we want.

Without further ado …


FlipSize Loyalty Program – 

When you sell your gently-used kids clothing to FlipSize using the process described here and here if you’re local,  you receive points in your FlipSize account. There are a few things you can do with those points. Our brand new FlipSize Loyalty Program rewards you for using your points to pay for orders within our store.

All the details of our Loyalty Program are here

FlipSize Referral Program – 

You love shopping at FlipSize because it’s so easy and affordable. You tell your mom friends and they shop too. This kind of word-of-mouth business is absolutely invaluable and helps to build a culture of moms helping each other out! And so we’d like to say THANK-YOU when you share us.

All the details of our Referral Program are here

If you would like to be among the first to find out about my new ideas and get exclusive access to contests and sales – sign up here so we can stay in touch.

Also, please comment and let me know what you think of these programs. Also, if you’re an idea-machine too and you have a great idea of something you’d love to see us do – well I’d love to here about that too.

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